Founded on the principles of honesty, integrity, and efficiency and based in the Azores islands, CMJ Rieff offers a reliable, professional, and global solution to the shipping industry’s needs on their transatlantic crossings.

We are privileged to welcome you to the islands of the Azores, and to our family business: CMJ Rieff & Sons. Ltd.

It's a privilege for me to welcome you to the Azores Islands and to our family business, CMJ Rieff & Sons, Ltd., which was founded by my grandfather.

Currently, on its third generation, CMJ Rieff & Sons, Ltd.'s core business is above all to be a professional shipping agency in the Azores.

From our ship agency roots, we have, in the meantime, developed the areas of ship chandlery, forwarding, couriering, and logistics, and in recent years we have fostered a specialized set of competences in cruise and yachting, which are market segments that are very relevant for us.

With a seasoned team of professional members and being supported by modern information systems, I believe that we are in a unique and privileged position to serve our principals.

I consider ourselves to be more than a mere shipping agency and logistics company, but a full-service specialist company with strong internal and external foundations.

Part of our strong value proposition comes from our company's good corporate image in the local community and from our well-established business, which allows us to have a very good network of selected independent local suppliers that are always willing to go the extra mile for us.

Based on our strong commitment to our principals, we try to establish ourselves as a long-time partner, constantly looking after their best interests as if they were our own.

For this reason, I’m proud to see, among our portfolio of clients, a strong sense of loyalty where we have many business relationships with principals that extend for several decades.

CMJ Rieff & Sons, Ltd. is proud to be the exclusive member of Multiport Ship Agencies Network for the Azores Islands, which means that we are regularly checked in terms of our financial soundness and the quality of our services. This is a strong reason for our customers to trust us.

Therefore, it’s with great confidence that I invite you to confirm the professionalism and unique service capabilities of our company.

Whenever you’re in the middle of the North Atlantic, we’re here for you.
Headshot of President António Rieff

Our commitment:fastsimpleefficient service!

We provide our clients a complete, well-structured and detailed package of informational materials (such as navigational charts, brochures and factsheets) necessary for your port call, in order to facilitate operations and allow you to work as if you were physically in the Azores.