History of CMJ Rieff Shipping Agency since the 1960’s

The history of our Shipping Agency Company

The shipping agency CMJ Rieff & Sons, Ltd was founded in the 1960’s by the Dutch citizen Coronellius Maria Johannes Rieff, whom, after getting married to an Azorean lady, decided to live in the islands of Azores.

Based on strong principles of honesty, integrity and efficiency, CMJ Rieff & Sons, Ltd has played since its origins a major role in the Azorean shipping community and established itself as a leading shipping agency.

The origins of the founder and his strong bonds with North of Europe led to the development of the first liner service from North of Europe to the Azores, which had been operated for 40 years.

The liner service to North of Europe, for a long time the only international liner service to the Azores, was crucial for the development of the company; it also contributed vitally to a very strong corporative image and good connections among the local business community.

The company nowadays is structured in several lines of services, including:

  • Shipping agency
  • Forwarding & Courier Services (local representative of TNT)
  • Import \ Export
  • Ship Chandler

CMJ Rieff & Sons, Ltd is proud to represent Principals that still remain with our company since its inception and to have as Principals many of the leading names of the shipping industry.

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