Jewel of the Seas In Azores

Cruise vessel ” Jewel of the Seas ” with a total of 2090 passengers and 839 crew coming from Lisbon – Portugal enroute to San Juan – Puerto Rico to start the Southern Caribbean Cruise has stopped in Ponta Delgada – Sao Miguel Island, Azores, vessel last port of call in Europe this year.

Vessel has arrived at 09:00 hrs Lt 12.Nov.2016 and departed at 18:00 hrs LT 12.Nov.2016, passengers and crew have spent a beautiful and very sunny day in Ponta Delgada.

During the call has embarked ten and disembarked ten Passengers, one of them due to medical reasons, on which all the formalities for his disembarking was promptly settled by our staff without causing any delay for the departure of the vessel from Ponta Delgada..Regarding crew has embarked only one crew member and disembarked two crew members.

Passengers and Crew were amazed and astonished with the natural beauties of our island of Sao Miguel – Azores.

This cruise vessel call was very sucessfull and the feedback from vessel staff was that all services requested and provided to the vessel were excellent.

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