Welcome Cmj Rieff Ship Agent Azores

I feel honored to welcome you to our family business website, CMJ Rieff & Sons, Ltd, in the Azores islands – Portugal.

Currently on its third generation, CMJ Rieff & Sons, Ltd is a top and solid professional shipping agency in the Azores islands.

In the shipping industry, where time is vital, speediness, flexibility and a fair cost are the most important aspects to be taken in consideration. Therefore, we assure you, right away, all of those.

Having a qualified team composed by 7 agency members and being supported by a strong network of independent specialized local partner companies, we consider to be in an unique position to serve our Principals excellently.

We believe we are more than just an agency company with a strong marketing brand, but a truly complete service company based on strong internal and external foundations, with ability to assist you well, however you require.

The base of our work ethical is the commitment to our Principals – always looking after their best interests as if they were our own.

CMJ Rieff & Sons, Ltd is proud to be the exclusive member of Multiport Ship Agency Network for the Azores islands, which means that we are regularly checked in terms of our financial soundness and quality of our services.

Thus we’re confident to invite you to corroborate the professionalism and distinctive service capabilities of our company.

António Rieff

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