CMJ Rieff your Yatch Agency in Azores mid Atlantic

Yatch agency for your stops in transatlantic journeys

Our yatch agency has many years of experience operating in all ports of Azores specialty in Ponta Delgada and Horta.

Strategically located in the middle of the North Atlantic and counting with wide and modern marinas in Ponta Delgada and Horta, the Azores islands are an important reference for the adventurous yachtsmen, who always stopover in our islands in their transatlantic journeys.

All yachtsmen can confide our Yatch Agency team to provide them with proficient and constant assistance for their characteristic requirements.

Less known is the fact that the Azores is an ideal place for yacht winterizing. The availability of space at our marinas, its low costs, the strategic location between US and Europe, and its bland weather make it perfect for that practice.Our Yatch Agency is ready to help you winterize you yatch.

Azorean ports are the first ones to be entered when you arrive at Europe, our islands also enjoy of low European Union VAT, being for those reasons the perfect place for you to register your vessel and benefit of those profits.

Our services include:

  • Clearing of vessels with customs / immigration both inbound and outbound
  • Berth arrangements
  • Supply of Provisions
  • Crew transfers
  • Immigrations \ Visa applications
  • Duty Free Bunkers
  • Supply of Lub oil
  • Ship spares / sea & air freight arrangements inbound as well as outbound
  • Repairs
  • Vessel Registration (Reduced EU VAT)
  • Security services
  • Travel organisation
  • Entertainment (guided tours around the islands)
  • Boat Care (winterising)

Contact are services on approach to the Azores and we can assist you with any need to your vessel and crew from vessel maintenance, medical needs, fresh food supplies and guided tours by land in the islands.
The Azores islands are a magnificent place to visit, so if you are sailing by do not miss the opportunity to stop in one of our marinas and visit the mountain side of Azores.

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