Rent a car Ponta Delgada

Do you need to rent a car in Ponta Delgada?

If you need to rent a car in Ponta Delgada or other island, we have partners that can provide this service for the members of your crew. As many of the services that we can provide, rent a car is usually one of the most required from our clients. Therefore we have established partnerships with the local rent a car companies in order to obtain the best price and quality in the market.

Many times crew members want to visit the island were their ship is moored and the easiest way is renting a car and drive by themselves discovering every corner of our beautiful islands. For the commodity we can arrange all the logistics before arrival.

For more information about our services in Ponta Delgada or other azorean islands ports you can always approach us. We will be more than pleased to send you a quotation.

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